Nylon Frame Anchors 10 x 140 Std Expansion - NFA10140

  • Fix Factory Nylon Frame Anchors are preassembled screw and plug fasteners for use with window frames.

  • The NFA provides a high strength fasten for window frames to a variety of base materials.

  • The NFA is installed through a pre-drilled hole through the frame and into the base material.

  • If necessary, the screw can be removed and reinstalled.

  • NFA anchors are well suited for use with plastic window frames, and are suitable for fixture thicknesses of 20mm to 110mm.

  • Suitable base materials: concrete, hollow core concrete slabs, natural stone, masonry and sand-lime stone.

  • Quantity - 100 per packet

£19.50 exc VAT £22.20 inc VAT